A dialogue between two friends


Elana: Hello what is your name?

Silvi: Hello my name is Silvi.

Elana: My name is Elana.

Silvi: Have you got a sister or a brother?

Elana: Yes I have a sister.

Silvi: Can you describe her?

Elana: Yes. Her name is Emily. We are  twins. We are both 9 years old. She is a very beautiful and kind girl.

Silvi: Does she look like you?

Elana: Yes, she looks like me, And have you got a sister, brother or a friend?

Silvi: Yes I have a brother.

Elana: Can you describe him?

Silvi: Yes, his name is Aren. He is 14.

Elana: Does he look like you?

Silvi:  He has black eyes like me.

Elana: Do you have a girlfriend.

Silvi: Yes, her name is Katrina, she has curly hair.

Elana: Nice to meet you, Silvi. Goodbye.

Silvi: Goodbye Elana.

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