Shop assistant: Hello.
Mother: Hello.
Shop assistant: Cen I halp you.
Mother: I want to buy a dress for my daughter.
Shop assistant: Okay. We have got a dress in wait pink and blue colors.What colour would you like?
Mother: Blue pleas.
Daughter(Elana): I don’t like the colour. I like this pink one.
Mother: Can she try it on?
Shop assistant: Of course. The changing rooms are over there.
Mother: Isn’t it big, Elana? Have you got a size smaller.
Shop assistant: Yes.
Daughter(Elana): I like this dress. It suits me, Mum.
Mother: How much is it?
Shop assistant: 10.000 thousand Armenian Drams.
Mother: I will buy this dress.
Shop assistant: Would you like to pay by credit card or  cash?
Mother: Credit card pleas.
Shop assistant: Goodbye.
Mother: Thank you, have a nice day.

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