At the cafe


Park cafe with umbrella. People Drink Coffe in Outdoor Vector Street Cafe on Restaurant Terrace. Park with Outside Cafe in Urban City landscape.Couple on weekend date. Flat cartoon vector illustration

Café worker: Next, please! What would you like?

Emily: Can I have an  ice cream, please?
Café worker: A vanilla ice cream or a  strawberry ice cream?
Emily:  A Strawberry ice cream, please.
Café worker: Anything else?
Emily: Yeah, I’d like some pear cake.
Café worker: Would you like a drink?
Emily: Yes, can I have a coffee, please?
Café worker: OK, so that’s one strawberry  ice cream , one pear cake and one coffee. What’s your table number?

Emily: Table ten. How much is that?

Café worker:That’s 2000 (  two thousand Armenian Drams)

Emily:Here you are.

Café worker:Thank you, good-bye.


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